Birth rhythms and astrology
Lecture by Didier Castille, 18 oct. 2008, Workgroup "De Ronde Tafel", Ghent, Belgium

Human societies are regulated by seasonal natality rhythms which vary according to births places and time periods. Describing populations under astrological angles is precious for any researcher willing to explore astrology in a global way. In particular, these reports have been used in a promising research program on astrological heredity which brought to light temporal correlations within families. New experiments have been carried out by using population census data and world vital records.

While he was being trained to the astrological domain in the late 80’s, Didier Castille started connecting his professional skills on statistics and his new passion. He has specialized in astrological and demographic research, particularly by investigating natality seasonal rhythms and describing their astrological consequences on population. In this very perspective, he is now comparing international natality data. He also studied marriages and family links. From this, he showed some synastric correlations between spouses, parents and children in a scientific way.