RADIXmini - version 1.0.8
RADIXmini - version 1.0.8

RADIXmini is a simple PC program (Windows95 or higher) to calculate and draw natal horoscopes.

What can you do with this program?

After entering someone's date, time an place of birth, you get a nice horoscope wheel (same as in Radix 4.1), on which you see the positions of the Sun, the Moon, the planets, the lunar node, the planetoid Chiron and Lilith (the black moon).
Further you see the house cusps (ascendant, midheaven and others) according to Placidus or Koch, and the major aspects (0, 60, 90, 120 and 180°, orb 6°) in the wheel. The minor aspects (30, 150, 45 en 135°, orb 3°) are shown in an aspect grid.
To make things easier for you, the program contains an (expandable) list of 1750 geographical coordinates from all over the world, and the time regulations (Daylight Saving Times etc.) from many countries.
The calculations are very precise (ephemerides of Astrodienst Zürich) and go from 1860 to 2130.
Entered data can be saved and recalled later.
The wheel can be printed, sent to the Windows clipboard, or saved in a bitmap file. So, using it in your wordprocessor is no problem.
Of course, a help file is included to assist you.

In short, this program is ideal for people who want to learn to interprete horoscopes, using books or courses, but want to avoid the trouble and inherent risk for errors of manual calculations.

P.S.: The interface of RadixMini will switch automatically to English, French or Dutch according to your Windows settings.

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