When sex is no longer taboo– Jungian and Astrological Analysis of Promiscuity
Lecture by Matjaž Regovec, 18 oct. 2008, Workgroup "De Ronde Tafel", Ghent, Belgium

Archetypal roots of promiscuity are being explored in this lecture. In the classic Greek and Roman mythology some promiscuous father figures may be found, such as Chronos (Saturn), and Zeus (Jupiter). Another form of Saturnian promiscuous dynamic is explored in the mythological figures of Oedipus and Antigone.

This is followed by presentation of a case history. Ines is a woman in her early thirties and enters (psycho)analysis because she would like to solve the recurring problem of her unsuitable partnerships, in which her partners are predominantly promiscuous. The father was psychotically disturbed and the patient was the family member who offered support to him. The problem of analytic interpretation is described, as well as the effects of interpretation (when it finally took place) that it had on the analytic relationship and analytic process. The astrological chart of the patient will be presented and discussed, and some possible theoretical conclusions regarding astrological significators of promiscuity will be presented and then discussed in the group.

Astrological diagnostics and psychodynamic work with complexes
Workshop by Matjaž Regovec, 19 oct. 2008, Workgroup "De Ronde Tafel", Ghent, Belgium

Complexes are one of the most interesting topics from the astrological, as well as psychoanalytic view, for they are the inherent unconscious structures that we all develop and at some point need to start recognizing in order to develop and grow. The workshop will first give a theoretical psychoanalytic and astrological introduction to the structure and dynamics of complexes. The seminar will focus on the different dimensions of the mother complex (Pluto and Neptune in relation to the astrological Moon) and the father complex (Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter in relation to the astrological Sun). Later we will move to working with some of the participants’ astrological charts in terms of diagnostics and creative working with complexes. One of the main points will be to show that we do not need to fear our own complexes, for it can become evident that working with them can prove to be very creative, liberating psychic energy that we can use for development and growth as a result.

About the author: Matjaž Regovec is a qualified Jungian (psycho)analyst and analytical psychologist. He undertook his analytic training in Vienna while living and working in Slovenia and is a professional member of the Austrian Association of Analytical Psychology (OeGAP, IAAP), a professional member of the London based Association of Jungian Analysts (AJA, IAAP), as well as a professional member of Slovenian Association of Psychotherapists (ZPS). In addition, he is a full member of the British Association of Jungian Analysts (AJA), where he’s pursuing his further analytic studies, supervision, and meetings with colleagues. He holds a diploma of the Faculty of Astrological Studies from London (FAS), where he received Margaret Hone award for best marks in the interpretation diploma paper. He pursued his specialistic studies at the London Centre for Psychological Astrology (CPA), where he got qualified as a psychological astrologer. Matjaž has a busy private clinical psychoanalytic and psychological astrology practice in Ljubljana. His university degree as a forestry engineer reflects his fondness for nature.