Astrological conference organizers

Astrological conference organizers in Europe

Compiled by Koen Van de moortel

Are you an experienced astrologer who would like to share his/her wisdom with others?
You live in Europe or will be going there and you don't know who to contact to organize opportunities to give lectures?

The people listed below organize astrological lectures, conferences, workshops,... and they would like to be contacted when an interesting speaker will be in their neighborhood. Please contact them several months in advance, if possible.

Are you an organizer who would like to create these opportunities?
Please send me a short message with your coordinates and maybe some remarks (preferences, organization), and I will add you to this list.

Organizers in...

  • Belgium / België / Belgique / Belgien (.BE):
  • Greece (.GR):
  • Netherlands / Nederland (.NL):
  • Portugal (.PT):
  • Serbia / Srbija (.SR on the map, .YU or .RS on the internet)
  • Slovenia / Slovenija (.SI):
  • Switzerland / Suisse / Schweiz / Svizzera / Svizra (.CH):
  • Turkey (.TR):
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain (.UK):

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