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Astrological research

  • Astrology is the study of the relations between planetary configurations and the behaviour of living beings on earth. Read more...

  • Although it is usually placed in the realm of superstition, there is no reason why it could not be studied in a scientific way, I think. If you are not convinced, or don't know how, please read my (free online) book called Astro-logics.

  • I try to stimulate amators of astrology to do objective research by building statistical features in my software and by giving and organizing lectures with critical discussions. A useful tool to do your own research about planetary aspects: the Harmogram program, is offered here for free!

  • You want to try and do some research? Attention, it's not that simple! Read more...

  • Unfortunately, research in this domain often produces negative results. An example. There is still hope though:

  • A study that I did with 369 people has shown that attraction and sympathy (affinity) at first sight increases if two people have mutual aspects between their natal moon, venus and mars positions. If you would like to help me with a replication of this test, please contact me! Read more...

  • Astrology can also be tested with matching tests, like we did in 1996 in our local study group "The Round Table", with no positive result though. Read more... (in dutch, for english, see: Astro-Logics).

    Ongoing research - DATA REQUEST:

    * For an investigation that I'm doing, I need as much as possible natal data (place, date, time, sex) of:
    - yourself;
    - people that you have a very good communication with (you understand eachother using a half word only, or just using eye contact);
    - people that you have a very bad communication with (you have many misunderstandings; a "different wavelength"; you are often not able to understand eachother's humor; when you ask a question, he/she often doesn't grasp what you mean, etc.)
    Remark: these can both be people that you love or hate, family, friends, colleagues, teachers, pupils, it doesn't matter. What matters is the ease of communication. Of course, all data can be anonimous.
    Take a look at some preliminary results.

    * For another investigation I need dates (if possible with hour and place) + a short description of all kinds of events in your life, even if you only remember a few well: deaths, births, career promotions or dismissals, ilnesses, operations, accidents, your first kiss, marriages, creative achievements, special travel experiences, religious moments, moves, recognitions or humiliations, financial luck or bad luck,... whatever you want to share, small and big things. Please (important!) give each event a rating how pleasant or bad it felt to you at that time, on a scale of -5 (dramatic) to +5 (great, wonderful highlight of my life).

    So, e.g. a list like this would be fine:

    27/6/1990, 12h, Chicago, IL: university diploma. (+3)
    20/10/1991, 18h30, Paris, TX: hit a tree with with my car, spent 2 months in hospital (-3)
    31/11/1992, 22h, Seattle, WA: fell in love at first sight (+4)
    3/1/1993, 9h, Washington, DC: great new job (+3)
    7/3/1993, 20h, Chicago: father deceased (-5)
    5/7/1993, 12h, Chicago, IL: had to let a tooth pull out(-1)

    Don't forget your own natal data.

    I will be grateful for everything you send in, even if you only have one case.
    The results will be published here.

    Karma boost offer!!!

    Some of my ongoing research might have very practical applications: in education, human resources management, relationship counselling,...
    Since research is my passion, I would love to spend all my time doing it, and make myself useful for the scientific/astrology community. Unfortunately, life in the physical realm requires bread and a roof and some more things... So, if you feel you can improve your karma by sponsoring astrology research, here's my bank account number: 890-7140559-32 (bank: Volksdepositokas, Ghent, Belgium, IBAN BE90 8907 1405 5932, BIC VDSPBE91). Or, even easier, use PayPal or a credit card:

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